~ Port ~


The port of Santa Teresa is a part of the soul of the village, a place of intense trade and cultural exchanges, the border point – in Sardinia – closest to other lands.

The characteristic fjord of elongated shape is the origin of the ancient name Longonis, and Lungoni is still today the Sardinian name of this dynamic centre at the extreme north of the island.

Lungoni – Santa Teresa has very ancient origins, its existence is already documented in the Roman Age and the archaeological evidences of the Nuragic age are impressive. The importance of its port is demonstrated by the mighty monuments which preserve the banks: eastward the medieval castle, westward the Spanish tower.

Today the structure, managed by Silene Multiservizi, is a modern and efficient reality, in continuous relationship with the surrounding territory and able to offer numerous services in the spirit of warm welcome and care of travellers.


On the internal port quays, Café du Port and Anfiteatro, overlook the commercial activities and handicrafts. In addition to restaurants, bars and shops there is a wellness centre with an indoor pool fed by a waterfall that rises from a cave. In summer Chiostro del Porto turns in a small theatre that animates the evenings with important cultural events. For those who love nature are available boat trips to the archipelago of La Maddalena, diving, sailboat and inflatable boats rental that allow you to choose your destination. The port houses a section of Lega Navale Italiana always active in the organization of events, regattas and sailing school.
In the area there is a laundromat, supermarkets, butchers and fishmongers that provide on board service. The shipyard, equipped with travel lift up to 100 tons, is along the eastern cove. Just outside the village there are several boat parts stores, dry berthing and plant engineering centres for recreational crafts. The historic centre of Santa Teresa and all its activities are easily accessible within walking distance or by shuttle service during the day and until late at night.