~ Docking info ~


At pier lights call radio channel VHF 12 to provide and receive the necessary information.

At the breakwater wait for the assistance inflatable boat that will escort the boat up to the berth where there will be also the mooring operator at the quay.


  • Entering the port leave free space for ferry manoeuvre in mooring and unmooring phase; the ferry company Moby performs a rotation of 360° just outside the entrance of the port in unmooring phase.
  • At the wooden bridge, shallow water on the left where extends a small rocky promontory. The obstacle is reported with a buoy.

Latitude 41° 14’ 13’’ N Longitude 9° 11’ 42’’ E

Depht: at the quay from 2 to 5 m
Seabed: sandy
Maximun lenght: 45 m
Radio channel: VHF 12
Access time: non-stop
Prevailing winds: West wind, Mistral
Side wind: Tramontane
Ridosso: from East until North-West

All our berths are fixed onto the quay or with floating stage, with catenary or buoy according to dimensions.
There are no buoy moorings far from the mainland.