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Lu Brandali

The extraordinary archaeological site dating back to the Nuragic age is not far from the village along the road that leads to Capo Testa. The excavations are still in progress, but the place is very rich and widely accessible: there is a nuraghe, a portion of the village and a Nuragic tomb. The area is […]

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The Medieval castle

The fortress, built towards the end of the Sardinian Judgedoms period, is still waiting to unveil the mysteries that it preserves in its ruins. The complex, located on the eastern shore of the harbour and hidden by vegetation, was an outpost of extraordinary historical and strategic importance.

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The Roman columns

The beach called “the roman columns”, in Capo Testa, takes its name from the numerous remains of architectural elements dating back to about two thousand years ago. For diving lovers these finds are also observable underwater just a short distance from the shoreline.

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