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Additional services

  • Fuel service –24hr opening during summer season, on-call all year
  • Sewage tank and bilge-water emptying
  • Showers (men/women)
  • Inside and outside boat cleaning with fresh water
  • Toilet facilities
  • Weather forecast available at front desk and on the website
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fire service
  • Water & Power (16- 32-63-125A/220/380 V single-three phase)
  • Waste oil disposal
  • Rubbish & recycling
  • Night security
  • 2 golf cars for transfers and dock assistance
  • CCTV
  • Car parking (depending on availability)

Front office open daily, 365 days a year except on 25th , 26th December and 1st January. Opening times change depending on the season; The port is guarded 24/7.